A Perfect World

A perfect world is where non-whites don’t have to be scared to be shot by a cop.
A world in which non-whites are not called the n-word.
In which moms don’t have to be scared about their children not coming back from the store because they are not white.

A world in which women are as equally treated as men.
In which women can wear whatever they want without being catcalled.
In which women don’t have to be scared to walk down that street because a man could follow her.

A world in which men can wear a dress or a skirt if they want to.
In which men can cry too and show that they are hurt.
In which men can do make up and have interesting hairstyles without being called names or get hurt.

A world in which self-harm and depression isn’t an aesthetic or a specific style because it looks edgy or different but are taken seriously.
In which people with serious depression are not being called drama queens.

A world in which scars, hip dips, big boobs, small boobs, flat bellies, bigger bellies or stretch marks are being shamed or called wrong.
In which every single body is beautiful and perfect in its own specific unique way.
Where acne is not considered disgusting and in which body hair is normal.

A world in which LGBTQ is not seen as a sin and in which people understand that it’s nothing you can choose.
In which you can love whoever you want to love.
In which homophobia isn’t even a thing and people are not killed or judged for being their true self.

A world in which everyone can believe in what they want to believe.
In which everyone can act out their religion, culture and lifestyle and isn’t judged for that.
In which people can wear a hijab without being called names and can also choose not to wear it and are not judged for that either.

A world in which having sex at the age of fifteen doesn’t make someone a slut and in which having sex for the first time at twenty doesn’t make you lame.
In which masturbation is a normal thing to do for boys and girls.
In which doing an abortion isn’t bad and deciding to get your child at a young age doesn’t make you a bad parent.

A world in which a human is a human.
In which we remember that we all bleed the same red blood and no one has to live in pain or suffer or cry himself to sleep because they get bullied.
In which we can all live in diversity and accept each other.
That is a perfect world.

 Emily, 10c